DMC Embroidery Threads

  Embroidery Threads
Six Strand Embroidery Floss (Art. 117)
This quality thread is perfect for stitching on all types of fabric:
* Made with 100% long staple cotton

* Double mercerized

* Brilliant six-strand divisible thread

* Colors are washable and fade resistant

* Size 25

* 454 solid colors, 18 variegated colors
New! DMC Color Variations Embroidery Floss (Article 417)
Introducing Color Variations, DMC's new specialty thread. Color Variations is a blend of a soft multicolors that flow seamlessly into one another. The subtle color changes in Color Variations reveal themselves every few stitches.

* Six-strand divisible thread on an 8.7 yard pull-skein.

* Each strand is a size 25.

* 36 breathtaking tone-on-tone soft multicolors.

* Each skein of Color Variations is a combination of current DMC colors, allowing stitchers to coordinate Color Variations with DMC Cotton Embroidery Floss to crate beautiful designs with colors that compliment one another perfectly.

* Color Variations provides the look of hand-dyed floss with the assurance that it is made by DMC.

* Color Variations is 100% Colorfast, Fade Resistant, and offers guaranteed Color Consistency from one skein to another.
Light Effects (Art. 317W)
DMC introduces Light Effects, a glistening collection of 36 specialty threads that will add light and reflective qualities to any needlework or craft project.

* Six-strand divisible thread on an 8.7 yard pull-skein.

* Each strand is a size 25.

* 36 brilliant colors in 6 thread families:
- Precious Metals
- Pearlescents
- Jewels
- Antiques
- Fluorescents
- Glow-in-the-Dark

* Light Effects color numbers correspond to popular DMC cotton Embroidery Floss colors.

* Colorfast and tarnish resistant.

Satin Floss (Art 1008F)
This thread is as soft and shiny as satin. It glides through fabric and brings an exceptional sheen to all stitchery projects.
* Available in 36 striking colors that follow the same numbering system as the original Rayon Floss
* Each skein is packaged with new see-through label that keeps the thread tidy and makes it easier to use.
* Six-strand divisible thread on an 8.7 yard pull skein

Linen Embroidery Floss (Art. 130A)
DMC brings innovation to the Needlework category with Linen Embroidery Floss.
* Made with 100% western European linen fibers
* Rustic matte finish
* Six-strand divisible thread
* Colorfast
* Size - 25
* Colors - 24 beautiful colors ranging from naturals to shy pinks, summer blues and mystic greens